An introduction

Since moving into my Grandmother's house in Conrad, Montana, I've often wondered what I could do to work from home. Two years later, I've finally found the perfect fit: having my own creative business! Ok, but now what? I didn't know until I had an extended visit in my home state of Texas. It was then that a dear friend introduced me to the world of wreath making!

I have an obsession with ribbon. I love, love, love, LOVE ribbon! Before I started my own business I mainly used ribbon to tie pretty bows on presents come Christmas time and other special occasions. I had totes and totes of ribbon in storage and wanted to do something creative with it...and that's when it all clicked.

I started right away on my new hobby and I have to say, it was pretty horrible. It's amazing for me to see how far I've come in a small amount of time. Friends and family were incredibly supportive...even tho most wreaths from a year ago are a train wreck. Ha!

This wreath was sent to a friend in Washington. She displayed it in her classroom during the Christmas holiday. LOL. Not only are the ribbons short and messy...this wreath is SQUARE!

Oh, well. I'd like to say that my technique is improving and I'm trying new things almost everyday. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and I love the fact that I can do almost anything I want creatively. I put a lot of love and care into my products and I still get a little pang of sadness when something sells.

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