1.5 years in....

I've been in the crafting business for one and half years and I finally had business cards made! Yay! It's been a long process frustrating at times, but I can't imagine doing anything else. I can't even remember what I did with all my time before this.

I still need to organize what I call my "overflow room." It's the room right next to my official craft room. I have big plans for the overflow room, it's just taking a lot more time to finish than I had anticipated.

Originally, I had planned to turn an upstairs bedroom into a card making/sign painting/sewing room, but instead, it'll be my photo/storage/packing room. What I have been using on the main level of the house as a dressing room/office, I'm going to make into my office/card making room. I'll also store vinyl and keep my Cameo machine in there as well.

Photos to come, I'm sure.

I still have a ton of things to take to storage. It's almost time to switch from spring/summer to Fall/Halloween/Christmas, so I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed as of late.

We have vacation coming up, too.

Looks like Spring is finally among us in Montana. It's still cool sometimes during the day, I heard the furnace kick on last night. It's set at 63. But for the most part, we've had beautiful blue skies with white puffy clouds--my favorite--and sunshine! How I've missed the sun! There's lots to do outside in terms of yard work and garden prep. The last two years I had a straw bale garden. I'll do the same this year on a much smaller scale. I'm excited to feel the sun on my cheeks and to get my hands dirty!

The official business card is all done!

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